About Us


RocketATM.com was founded with a simple goal :  To provide super fast setups with lowest price ATM Machines, lowest price ATM processing and great service.  Major features of the site give you quick checkouts and options to select your own terms and profits plans.  You control your ATM as you want - when you want.

We serve everyone in the business - Merchants, Dealers, ATM owners, Associations - you name it.  Our exclusive self serve ATM Management Center allows you to setup and control your ATM’s in a matter of seconds.  You can request Bank changes,  Surcharge changes, order Paper and even order a Technician when in need.  It can all be done while you’re on the go. Buying ATMs and Parts has never been easier - simply click and go. You’re in control!

You can manage an entire fleet of ATM's or just one - the choice is yours.  Just choose the desired income and plan you want per ATM, complete your settings and you’re done.  We'll handle the rest.  You get 100% transparency on your ATM’s – from real time transactions to text alerts that notify you when your ATM is about to run out of money.  We've got it all.   You can even view the monthly income earned per ATM with a quick glance.

Whether you’re an ATM pro or just starting out, Rocket ATM is designed for you and your success. It is a super store and a complete management center for total ATM control - All for FREE!  The internet has changed the way business is done.  Never be slowed down again with tedious paperwork that can easily be done with a few simple clicks.  Our https (SSL – Secure Socket Layer) encryption provides you with main stream accepted security standards for added safety and a great overall web experience.

We look forward to working with you.  The “Customer is King” as they saying goes ... We love to prove it!

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Rocket ATM Inc. is a Registered ISO of META BANK - 5501 S Broadband Lane Sioux Falls, SD 57108