Delivery - Fulfillment Policy

Delivery Policy 

An additional shipping charge of $50 per shipment may apply to ATM shipments to Residential locations. Residential Delivery locations include Private Residences, Apartments, Camps, Churches, Construction Sites, Convents, Country Clubs, Estates, Golf Courses, Farms, Marinas, Military bases, Mini-storage warehouses, Non-Commercial Locations; Nursing homes, Prisons, Rectory or Schools, Yacht Clubs and other such locations.
Additional shipping charges of up to $100 per ATM shipment may apply to locations with limited access delivery (e.g. 2nd floor or basement delivery without access to a freight elevator) or to remote locations classified as High Cost Delivery Areas.


Fulfillment Policy

We reserve the right to fulfill any order using partner offices should there be an error in our inventories.  This may affect delivery times as partner offices may be located in other states.