RKT - GPS Wireless Modem Add On

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The Rocket GPS is a game changer!  Working in conjunction with the Hercules LTE wireless ATM modem, the Protector GPS is an Add on Module that sends multi recipient text, phone call, and mail alerts while thefts are in progress. 

Receive alerts for:
• Power Cuts
• Vibration and Tilting - cutting/drilling
• GPS Movement/Perimeter Breach
• Door Open Events

Available input/output port has the
potential to integrate with other physical
security devices like:
• Sirens and Strobes
• Penetration Mats - black box attacks/jackpotting
• Note destruction
• Gas detection


ATM Manufacturer Hyosung, Genmega, Hantle, Triton
ATM Model(s) MB1000, NH1500, NH1800, NH1800CE, NH1800SE, MB2000, MB2200, NH2500, NH2700CE, G1900, G2500, MB1700, MB1700W, MBE4000, MBC4000