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RocketATM is proud to be your authorized ATM vendor.

There is strength in numbers.  With that said, RocketATM is dedicated to providing you the best resources for all your ATM needs.

Please take a moment and visit our site 24x7 for all things ATM.  This is a dedicated page for the SAASOA Association and can be reached by going to: anytime.


Urgent Message


By now you must know that your ATM needs to be chip card ready.  As a reminder the ATM needed to be upgraded by Oct , 21,2016 thats over 2 years ago!!  Please check to see if your upgraded and the screen say "EMV READY" or call in for support.  Also check to see if you have the latest software updated on your ATM.  Upgrading your ATM can save you thousands of dollars in Processing violations.

RocketATM is 100% committed to being your EMV chip card support center.  If you haven't done so already please visit us at our EMV Guide page to learn more about the Chip Card conversion taken place nationwide.

Learn if your ATM needs a Chip card reader or just a software update.  By the way, SOFTWARE is FREE at RocketATM.


Here is an overview of the SAASOA Member deal:


At Rocket ATM we give up to $.30 extra per transaction.  That's right you earn 100% Surcharge + up to $ .30 extra per transaction.

No long term contract - just big profits and pure happiness.

We offer full transparency on reports, Real time mobile apps for your smart phones. life time technical support and much more.  


RocketATM is designed to be the final desitnation for all your ATM needs.

Pls use coupon code: SOAEMV at checkout to enjoy an instant discount of $ 50 off your EMV upgrade kit - only at 

We look forward to working with you.  Be sure to ask for the SAASOA Rocket Plan - Setup can be done right over the phone or CLICK HERE to sign up.